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Mummies of the World is one of the largest exhibitions of mummies and related artifacts ever assembled. Visitors will see how this groundbreaking exhibition bridges the gap between past and present, showing how science can shed light on history and the study of medicine and cultures around the world. Unlike exhibits that feature only Egyptian mummies, this remarkable and compelling exhibition demonstrates the different processes of mummification and serves to educate visitors as to their respective cultures. Featuring a never-before-seen collection of objects and specimens, including real human, animal and reptilian mummies and related artifacts from South America, Europe, and Egypt, Mummies of the World also demonstrates that mummification – both through natural and intentional processes – has taken place all over the globe, from the hot desert sands of South America to remote European bogs.

Never in history has there been such an important collection of mummies and artifacts. Dignified, reverent and scholarly, the Mummies of the World exhibition melds science, culture and history, while utilizing state-of-the-art scientific and forensic research, including Computer Tomography (CT), ancient DNA analysis and radiocarbon dating.

The blockbuster exhibition Mummies of the World, presented by American Exhibitions, Inc., which debuted on July 1, 2010 at the California Science Center, will commence another limited three-year engagement in North America at major museums and science centers in the fall of 2014.